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Web PageA HTML document.

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We use the term web page throughout the sections of the site but what do we really mean by this terminology? When we talk about a web page we are really referring to a HTML document. The document may include imported javascript and css files along with other files required for the rendering and fucntionality of the page. What is included is not important but we can think of a HTML document as a document with a .htm or .html extension that passes W3C validation. Following is the miniumum amount of HTML elements that are required within a HTML document for it to pass W3C validation.

<!-- The Basic Structure of a HTML document follows -->
<html xmlns="">
<!-- Everything goes between the start and end HTML tags. --> 

<!-- The header contains meta information pertaining to the HTML document as well 
as a title and other stuff we will discuss in HTML Intermediate/Advanced lessons.
External files such as CSS stylesheets and JavaScript files are also imported in
the header section of our HTML file. -->
  <title>A Title which will appear in the Windows title bar.</title>

<!-- The content of the web page appears in the body section. -->

<!-- We complete the HTML file with the closing HTML tag. -->

This document will successfully validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional because we didn't enter a <!DOCTYPE> which of course you should always do when creating your own web pages (HTML documents).

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