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The questions in this Java quiz are on the topics covered in the Java - Beginning Java section of the site. The table below lists the lesson used for each quiz, a description of the lesson content and the quiz number and questions associated with that lesson.

Beginning Java Quizzes Summary

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Beginning Java Lessons Description Quiz Info.
Lesson 2 - Code Structure & SyntaxFor this lesson we look at the code structure of a Java source file and look at some syntax.Quiz1
8 questions
Lesson 3 - Primitive VariablesThis lesson is about the primitive variable data types available in Java.Quiz2
8 questions
Lesson 4 - Method ScopeIn this lesson we look at Java method scope and what scope and its definition mean.Quiz3
8 questions
Lesson 5 - OperatorsThis lesson is the first of two about the symbols used in Java for mathematical and logical manipulation.Quiz4
6 questions
Lesson 6 - Bitwise OperatorsIn our second lesson on operators we look at the Java bitwise operators.This quiz.
6 questions
Lesson 7 - Conditional StatementsIn this lesson we look at the conditional statements available in Java.Quiz6
8 questions
Lesson 8 - Loop StatementsThis lesson is all about the loop statements available in Java.Quiz7
8 questions

Beginning Java Quiz 5

The quiz below tests your knowledge of the material learnt in Beginning Java - Lesson 6 - Bitwise Operators.

Question 1 : What symbol do we use for the bitwise AND operation?
- We use the & symbol for the bitwise AND operation.
Question 2 : What is the bitwise OR useful for?
- The bitwise OR is useful for switching bits on.
Question 3 : We can use bitwise operators on any primitive type?
- The bitwise operators only work with the integer types (byte, short, int and long).
Question 4 : Which of the following is the symbol for the bitwise signed right shift?
- >>> is the symbol for the bitwise signed right shift.
Question 5 : What value do bits have that are said to be swiched on?
- Swiched on bits have the value 1.
Question 6 : What bitwise shift operator retains the sign?
- The bitwise signed operator (>>>) retains the sign. In fact all bits shifted into the target will be signed.
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What's Next?

The next quiz on Java is all about Conditional Statements.