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The questions in this Java quiz are on the topics covered in the java - Objects & Classes section of the site. The table below lists the lesson used for each quiz, a description of the lesson content and the quiz number and questions associated with that lesson.

Lesson Summary

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Objects & Classes Lessons Description Quiz Info.
Lesson 1 - ArraysIn this lesson we look at arrays and how to use them in java.Quiz1
8 questions
Lesson 2 - Class Structure & SyntaxFor this lesson we looked at class structure and syntax within our Java programs.This quiz.
8 questions
Lesson 3 - Reference VariablesThis lesson is about reference variables and how to use them within our Java programs.Quiz3
7 questions
Lesson 4 - MethodsWe have used methods throughout the lessons so far so its time for a thorough investigation of what we can do with these members.Quiz4
10 questions
Lesson 5 - Instance Variables & ScopeThis lesson is about instance variables, how to use them and their scope.Quiz5
6 questions
Lesson 6 - ConstructorsIn this lesson we learn about constructors, which we can use to instantiate objects of our classes.Quiz6
7 questions
Lesson 7 - Static MembersFor this lesson we investigate what static means and how to apply it to our class members.Quiz7
6 questions
Lesson 8 - EnumerationsIn our final lesson of this section we go through enumerations which were introduced in java.Quiz8
8 questions

Java Objects & Classes Quiz 2

The quiz below tests your knowledge of the material learnt in Objects & Classes - Lesson 2 - Class Structure & Syntax.

Question 1 : What are instance variables and class methods commonly known as?
- Instance variables and class methods are commonly known as <em>members</em>.
Question 2 : What describes an object's state?
- Instance variables describe an object's state.
Question 3 : A Class must have at least one instance variable?
- There is no requirement for a class to have any instance variables
Question 4 : What describes an object's behaviour?
- Class methods describe an object's behaviour.
Question 5 : How do we instantiate an object?
- We instantiate an object using the <code>new</code> keyword.
Question 6 : How do we access class members?
- We access class members using dot notation.
Question 7 : A class is an object?
- A class is a blueprint for object construction.
Question 8 : Instance variables apply to the whole class?
- Instance variables apply to each instance of a class, not to the whole class.
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What's Next?

The next quiz on Java Objects & Classes is all about reference variables.