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Shorthand conditional true/false operator.


The conditional operator takes three operands and is often used as a shortcut replacement for the if....else statement. The operator consists of a condition and two expressions

  • The value of the first expression is returned if the condition evaluates to true.
  • The value of the second expression is returned if the condition evaluates to false.


Signature Description
condition ? expressionIfTrue : expressionIfFalseThe conditional operator.


Parameter Description
conditionExpression that evaluates to true or false.
expressionIfTrueThe expression value to use for true.
expressionIfFalseThe expression value to use for false.


Following is an example of the conditional operator.

// The conditional operator.
var aBoolean = 'true';
alert((aBoolean == 'true' ? 'Evalutes to true' : 'Evalutes to false')); 
alert((aBoolean == 'false' ? 'Evalutes to true' : 'Evalutes to false'));}

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