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Property creation.


The new special operator creates an instance of a predefined or user defined object that has a constructor function.


Signature Description
new constructor[([arguments])]The new special operator tests whether an object has the prototype property of a constructor in its prototype chain.


Parameter Description
constructorA function used to define the object.
argumentsOptional arguments used within the definition.


A newly created object of the type specified or undefined when no constructor is found

The code below creates a new custom object constructor function overriding the Object.toString() method. We then create a couple of objects and use our custom toString() method to show their values. Finally we call the constructor for our newly created objects.

// Define a custom object type constructor function (a prototype).
function HomeOwner(firstName,lastName) {  
// Define a custom override function for toString().
HomeOwner.prototype.toString = function HomeOwnerToString() {  
  var owns = this.firstName + ' ' + this.lastName + ' owns a house!';  
  return owns;  
// Create and print a HomeOwner object.
owner = new HomeOwner('Barney','Magrew');  
// Create and print another HomeOwner object.
owner = new HomeOwner('Barney','Magrew');  
// HomeOwner constructor (returns constructor function).
alert(owner.constructor ' constructor');

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