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Global function finite test.


Evaluates the passed argument to see if it is finite.


Signature Description
isFinite(number)Evaluates the passed argument to see if it is finite.


Parameter Description
numberThe numerical value you want to evalute:
  • +/- infinity and NaN evaluate to false.
  • All other numerical values evaluate to true.


Below are some examples of using the isFinite() function.

 * The isFinite method returns true for all values except 
 * +/- infinity and NaN.
var isFiniteValues = new Array(5);
isFiniteValues[0] = isFinite(Number.NEGATIVE_INFINITY);
isFiniteValues[1] = isFinite(Number.POSITIVE_INFINITY);
isFiniteValues[2] = isFinite(NaN);
isFiniteValues[3] = isFinite(-123456789);
isFiniteValues[4] = isFinite(123.456);

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