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You cannot rely on the equality (==) and strict equality (===) comparison operators of the Nan global property to find out whether a value is Nan or not

For this reason we have the isNaN() global function to test for Nan.

  • Be aware that some results using the isNaN() function are unreliable as demonstrated in the example, so use this function with care.


The isNaN global function is used to determine whether a value is NaN (Not-A-Number).


Signature Description
isNaN(testValue)Global function is used to determine whether a value is NaN (Not-A-Number).


Parameter Description
testValueThe value to be tested.

Below are some examples showing usage of the isNaN() function.

// isNaN.
var isNaNValues = new Array(5);
isNaNValues[0] = isNaN(17); // number so false
isNaNValues[1] = isNaN('17'); // string number so false
isNaNValues[2] = isNaN(17.2345); // float number so false
isNaNValues[3] = isNaN(NaN); // isNaN is NaN so true
 / The next test shows why isNan is unrelieable.
 / 1) Parsing 'aaa' as a number fails and so Nan is returned
 / 2) As you can see from the example above isNaN(NaN) returns true
 / 3) Therefore parsing a string that cannot be converted to a numeric
 /    gives a double positive and makes isNaN() unreliable in this
 /    situation.
isNaNValues[4] = isNaN('aaa'); 

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