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In JavaScript you create an object instance using the constructor Object.


Creates an Object wrapper.


Signature Description
var anObject = new Object([value]);Creates an Object wrapper.


Parameter Description
valueAn optional initial value for the object.
  • Creates an Object wrapper for the given value if specified
  • If given value null or undefined creates an empty object.

Class Properties

Class Property Description
prototypeEnables property assignment to objects of type Object and is inherited by every object.

Instance Properties

Instance Property Description
constructorReturns a reference to the function that created the prototype and is inherited by every object.

Class Methods


Instance Methods

By using methods of the Object object we can also access elements of numbers, manipulate numbers after creation and even create new numbers from existing numbers.

Instance Method Description
Getter (Accessor) MethodsThese methods DO NOT modify the Object object
Methods of the Object class, all of which are inherited by every object via prototype.
hasOwnProperty()Returns a boolean indicating whether the object has the specified direct property.
isPrototypeOf()Returns a boolean indicating whether the object exists in another objects hierarchy.
toLocaleString()Returns a string representation of an object.
toString()Returns a string representation of an object.
valueOf()Returns the primitive value of the specified object.
Setter (Mutator) MethodsThese methods DO modify the Object object


The code below creates an object with some properties.

 Create an object that holds first and last name properties
var homeOwner = new Object();
homeOwner.firstName = 'Teddy';
homeOwner.lastName = 'Bear';
alert(homeOwner.firstName + ' ' + homeOwner.lastName);

 We could just as easily assign the surname property with a typo as below 
 and then scratched our heads when we tried to access the nameStore.lastName 
 property. Be careful what you type when assigning object properties
homeOwner.lastNaem = Bear;

Press the button below to action the above code:

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