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Converts a value to JSON format.

  • Like all class methods stringify() should be used on the class rather than an instance of the class.


Signature Description
JSON.stringify(someText[, transformer [, space]])Converts a value to JSON format.


Parameter Description
someTextThe value you wish to parse to JSON format.
transformerComputed value transformed prior to return:
  • If a function transforms value and properties prior to return.
  • If an array specifies property set for conversion.
spaceResult will be a 'pretty-printed' formatted string.


// Store properties in an array.
function HomeOwner(firstName,lastName) {  
var ownerList = new Array(3);
ownerList[0] = new HomeOwner('Barney','Magrew'); 
ownerList[1] = new HomeOwner('Manny','Simon'); 
ownerList[2] = new HomeOwner('Arnie','Padrew'); 
alert('The list of objects we created: ' + ownerList);
alert('The list of objects we created Stringified: ' 
      + JSON.stringify(ownerList));  

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