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Returns a string representation of the numeric value.

This method overrides the toString() method of Object.


Signature Description
aNumber.toString([radix])Returns a string representation of the numeric value.


Parameter Description
radixThe optional radix (number base) that pertains to the string value specified.
  • The radix must be in the range 2-26 or an exception is thrown.
  • When no radix is specified, the decimal number base is assumed (radix set to 10).


The code below displays some numerical values as strings.

// Create an array for strings and populate.
var aNumber = 16;
var stringValue = new Array(4);
stringValue[0] = aNumber.toString();   // Decimal default
stringValue[1] = aNumber.toString(2);  // Binary
stringValue[2] = aNumber.toString(8);  // Octal
stringValue[3] = aNumber.toString(16); // Hex

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