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In this lesson we look at the anatomy of JavaScript by showing all the parts that make up the JavaScript version of the language.

Following are tables listing all the global objects, constructors, properties, variables and pre-defined functions, as well as statements and operators available in the JavaScript version.

All the current (and safe to use) entries in the tables below are linked to the comprehensive reference section of the site which gives usage for each item and their methods if applicable.

  • Avoid using the names in the tables below when creating your own JavaScript variables, functions, methods, or object identifiers.

Standard Global Objects, Constructors, Properties, Functions and Variables
Alphabetically Category
Array Constructor
Boolean Constructor
Date Constructor
decodeURI() Non-constructor function
decodeURIComponent() Non-constructor function
encodeURI() Non-constructor function
encodeURIComponent() Non-constructor function
Error Error Constructor
eval() (unsafe) Non-constructor function
Function Constructor
Infinity Property
isFinite() Non-constructor function
isNaN() Non-constructor function
JSON Static Object
Math Static Object
NaN Property
Number Constructor
Object Constructor
parseFloat() Non-constructor function
parseInt() Non-constructor function
RangeError Error Constructor
ReferenceError Error Constructor
RegExp Constructor
String Constructor
TypeError Error Constructor
undefined Variable
URIError Error Constructor
JavaScript Present/Future Statements
JavaScript Statements Reserved For Possible Later Usage
arguments class
break enum
case export
catch extends
continue implements
debugger import
default interface
do let
else package
finally private
for protected
function public
if static
label super
return yield
with (avoid)
Operators and Special Operators
Operators Special Operators
Arithmetic Operators
(+, -, *, /, %, ++, --, unary +, unary -)
Comma Operator
Assignment Operators
(=, +=, -=, *=, /=, %=, &=, |=, ^=), <<=, >>=, >>>=
Conditional Operator
(condition ? expressionIfTrue
           : expressionIfFalse)
Bitwise Operators
(&, |, ^, ~, <<, >>, >>>)
delete Operator
Comparison Operators
(==, !=, <, <=, >, >=, ===, !==)
function Operator
Logical Operators
(&&, ||, !)
get Operator
Member Operators
( and object["property"])
in Operator
String Operators
(+ and +=)
instanceof Operator
new Operator
set Operator
this Operator
typeof Operator
void Operator

Lesson 3 Complete

In this lesson we listed all the predefined global objects, functions and variables, JavaScript statements, as well as all the operators and special operators we can use.

What's Next?

In the next lesson we look at the various ways by which we can insert JavaScript into our web pages.

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