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The jQuery() method has nine signatures:
jQuery( selector [, context] )String containing CSS or jQuery selector with optional context to wrap in a jQuery object.
jQuery( element )A DOM element to wrap in a jQuery object.
jQuery( elementArray )An array of DOM elements to wrap in a jQuery object.
jQuery( object )A plain JavaScript object to wrap in a jQuery object.
jQuery( jQuery object )Clone the specified jQuery object.
jQuery()Return an empty jQuery object.
jQuery( html [, ownerDocument] )Creates DOM elements as needed, from the specified string of raw HTML, into the optional ownerDocument when specified.
jQuery( htmlElement, attributes )String defining single, standalone HTML element with optional specification of attributes.
jQuery( callback )Binds a function to be executed when the DOM has finished loading.
jQuery.holdReady() ** DEPRECATED ** Hold or release the execution of the jQuery ready event.
The jQuery.noConflict() method has one signature:
jQuery.noConflict([ removejQueryNamespace])Unassign jQuery control of $ variable with optional removal of jQuery namespace.
jQuery.sub() ** REMOVED ** Create a new copy of jQuery whose values can be altered without affecting the original jQuery object.
The jQuery.when() method has one signature:
jQuery.when( objects )Provision to execute callback functions, usually Deferred objects, based on one or more objects representing asynchronous events.
.context ** REMOVED ** The original context passed to jQuery() which could be a DOM node context, or generally the document context, if no node was passed.
.jqueryA string containing the jQuery version number.
The jQuery.error() method has one signature:
jQuery.error( errorMessage )Throw an exception from a passed string.
.lengthThe number of elements in the jQuery object.
The .pushStack() method has two signatures:
.pushStack( elementArray )Put a collection of DOM elements onto the jQuery stack.
.pushStack( elementArray, methodName, methodArgs )Put a collection of DOM elements onto the jQuery stack passing across the elementArray along with the methodName and methodArgs used to create it.